Venus, Planet of love and values through the signs and houses

Venus controls love and attraction. It can tell what qualities of a person that you are attracted to. It can also tell your capacity to fall in love, and how you may act in a relationship. It may tell you what turns you on sexually about a person. It points to your values you hold, and how you value yourself. In the houses, Venus will show the area where your love power is focused, and how you react to it.

Venus also controls the number 6, Friday, Taurus, and Libra. It controls glandular activity, female sex organs, and venous circulation.

Venus through the signs


Venus is in it’s detriment.
Natives of this placement are attracted to a person who is headstrong and active. They like someone who is self assured. Leadership qualities may also attract this native. These people are usually strait forward. They can tell you what is on their mind, even if you do not want to hear it. They like a partner who is adventurous and honest. They like fast paste relationships with plenty of excitement. They do not care for a lot of emotion; instead, they want a realistic approach to a relationship. They can be fun loving, and come off like an innocent child. Due to the fiery nature of this placement, natives may have a tendency to get into combative or argumentative relationships. They may also rush into relationships before really getting to know a person, and their interest can fade quickly. It can also be difficult to hold their attention for long periods of time. Because of their impulsive nature, they can tell you what is on their mind, but that could change from one moment to another.


This dignified placement brings beauty into a person’s character. People with this placement may like simple beauty. They can appreciate and find beauty in things that other people may not. They like home and com surroundings. They will like a mate who can provide stability to a relationship. They like self assured strong people. They do not like fast and unpredictable people. They want somebody who they can rely on. All they ask is for someone to be honest, down to earth, and level headed. These natives are not complex people. The simple things in life make them happy. Due to the loyal and enduring qualities of this placement, natives may find it hard to leave a negative relationship. This can cause bouts of depression. They may also become jealous and possessive over there mate. They may also decide to be alone, feeling that people are too dishonest.


This placement will add an intellectual quality to a person. Knowing what words to say may come easy. They are into variety. They may be attracted to people who are different from them in some way. Their minds are open, and they are willing to learn from some one. In a relationship, mental stimulation may be more important than sex. The sex drive may be high, but they need to be into some one mentally first. They can like one person for many different reasons, or like ten people for one reason each. It is important that communication is present, or the native may get board. They like a person with a sense of action. Due to the changeable nature of this placement, natives can become fickle. Bouncing from one relationship to another is possible. It may be hard to get their attention. They can come off very detached. They can be argumentative and critical. They may want to debate an issue far beyond what may be necessary.


This is a sensitive and care taking placement. This placement will give a sweet and sentimental quality to the native. They are attracted to a person that shows emotion or general compassion towards people. They may also gravitate to people who are very family orientated. They would like to get into a long term relationship, and start a family. These natives may also like taking care of their mate. The free exchange of positive emotions is what drives them. Due to the sensitive and nurturing qualities of this placement, natives may be attracted to people that are in danger, or who are victims of some sort, so they can rescue them. They are very protective of their mates, and they can become smothering, or take a mommy/daddy knows best approach, there by trying to control their partner. They may also allow their emotional attachments to keep them in a harmful relationship.


This placement introduces creative talent into a native’s character. The native may be very talented in some area of the performing arts, and are very attracted to others that have similar talents. They like people who are very headstrong and dominant. They also like a person who is loyal. They are very generous, and want to know that their loving nature is being reciprocated. People with this placement may also be drawn in by sex. One of the first things they may notice about a person is their sex appeal.
Due to the self indulgent qualities of this placement, natives may enter relationships based on sex. They may also be star struck, or otherwise be taken by people who come baring gifts. They may also some self centered tendencies. They want all of their partner’s attention, and if they do not have it, there could be problems.


This is a very analytical placement. This placement will give the native sharpness to their mind. Venus is in it’s fall. The native is attracted to substance and stability. They may be attracted to those who show a compassion for people, or people who are into public service. They need a level of intellectual stimulation to get them going. People with this placement take relationships very seriously, and once they make a commitment, they are in it for the long hall. They want a mate that they can be proud of, and may suggest ways that a person can improve themselves. Home and family are also important to them. Due to the analytical nature of this placement, natives may become too fault finding in relationships. They may pick at little things and become critical. They may expect people to live up to a standard that they may not meet themselves. They may feel that nobody meets their standards, so it could take a long time for them to settle down.


This dignified placement will recognize beauty in all its forms. The native may like extravagance and dramatic sitchuations. A person’s physical appearance may be very important. Diplomacy and tact are very important as well. These people believe in equality in a relationship, and will dismiss people who are one sided. They can be a team player, and are willing to compromise for the greater good of the relationship. They love love, and may be in love with the idea of being in love. They like affection and generosity, and they have a sentimental side as well. Due to the high emphasis on love and relationships, these natives may fall for somebody very quickly. They can also be in love with more than one person, and become torn between multiple people. They also may be so compromising, that they lose their own identity.


Venus is in it’s detriment.
The natives of this placement are attracted to strong and principled people. They value loyalty and stability. They are very intense people who want to know everything they can about their partner. These natives can be very guarded about their feelings. They have very powerful emotions, and issues dealing with sex are very deep for them. Due to the intensity of this placement, these natives may go through periods of sexual shutdowns. They may also become obsessive in relationships. They may also have trust issues, and can be secretive. They may also become non-compromising, and are prone to get into power struggles.


The natives of this placement are attracted to upbeat, fun, open, honest, and lighthearted people. They light people who have a wide ranging and even silly sense of humor. They expect nothing but purity and frankness from people. They can be strait forward in relationships, and they function best when they feel a sense of freedom and independence. They are very generous to their partner, and can adapt to many different sitchuations. Due to the independent and freedom loving qualities in this placement, these natives may avoid deep relationships out of a concern of loosing their freedom, and they may be prone to having superficial relationships. They may also believe that honesty is the best policy, even if it means that a few feelings may get hurt. This is not intentional on their part; they just say what is on their mind without thinking at times. They dislike heavy emotions, fault finders, or people who are not down with their generally liberal approach to life. You do not have to be formal when you approach them, they like it when people are real, without being uptight.


These natives are attracted to those who are practical and methodical. They like people who are goal orientated, and have achieved some kind of status in the world. They want somebody who is good with money, job management, or anything that has to do with security. They can be very supportive in a relationship, and will help their partner achieve goals. They can be very loyal, and want the same out of their mate. Due to the earthy business quality in this placement, the native could become a gold digger. They may also become demanding, especially if their partner dose not meet up to some ethical or work related standard. The native can become cold and detached at times.


These natives love people who are different or unique in some way. They want somebody who is both headstrong and laid back at the same time. They like somebody who knows how to take control but not take everything too seriously. A person with too many emotions will be a turn off for them. They can be detached and logical in a relationship. This usually means that they are very frank. They may be able to solve problems in a relationship without all the emotion that can sometimes go with dealing with personal issues. Due to the airy detached quality in this placement, the natives may forget to consider peoples feelings when doing or saying something. They may also be cold and unfeeling. They may not be willing to compromise their position on an issue, but they may want you to compromise.


Venus is exalted in this sign. This brings emotion and intuition to the table. Love and it’s many demenchins can be explored. This placement can make the native very sensitive about the world around them. They may instinctively know what to do to please their partner, and can understand a wide range of emotions. These natives can be hopeless romantics. They like the finer things in life. Classy restaurants and fancy gifts could be the order of the day. They are attracted to people with great imagination. They appreciate a person who is very affectionate, romantic, supportive and nurturing. They can look beyond the physical shell to see the beauty on the inside. Due to the dreamy qualities of this placement, they can fall in love with people who can do them harm. They may be easily misled by just a few kind words or a good gesture or two. They can go through many relationships searching for that perfect love. Some people with this placement may take the opposite road. They may be very promiscuous, or have more than one mate at a time. Some may prefer not to bother with relationships because it is too stressful, or date people and leave when the relationship looks like it is getting too serious.

Venus through the houses

First House

The native of this placement may put a priority on looking beautiful. People may be attracted to them because of some physical beauty, or because of the charm in witch they present themselves. You also value how other people approach you. You analyze a persons level of tact and social stile, and you make decisions based on that. When you are in public, people may find that you like to be with other people, as you like the whole social seen.

Second House

The placement focuses the love powers into practical matters. You need material security, and people who show you love must present it in that way in order for you to get the message best. You love comfort, and you are very sentimental. You may also treat people that you love as your property, thus becoming possessive over them. The world of touch is another area in witch you are attuned to. You love body contact, and can be very romantic.

Third House

In this house, you have a love for communication, and you may be creative or stylish in this area. You love talking about things that represent beauty to you, such as art, music, and you like to be surrounded by beautiful things. You actively pursue conversations with people, as the spoken word is beauty to you, and you have a flair for it.

Fourth House

The home, and everything in it are the things you love best. You may put a lot of time beatifying your home, and love to be at home in general. This is where you feel most comfortable expressing your warm affectionate side. You also love your own heritage and family. You are sensitive about what goes on in your house. You could be very picky about who comes in your house.

Fifth House

This placement gives a special emphasis to romance. While you would expect most people to enjoy romantic sitchuations, Venus being in this house puts your very heart and soul into this area. You want people to treat you very special, like a king or queen. You like a domatic romantic life, as that means beauty to you. Fine art, theater, and sports are just some of the things that you enjoy.

Sixth House

Beauty is expressed in action with Venus in this house. Creating things for the public come natural to you. You may design, paint, or other wise create things that the public can consider beautiful. You like to make people feel good in many different ways. You could use your sensual powers to achieve that. The opposite sex may also be beautiful to you. You may like to eat and drink exotic things, or get into different things that make your body beautiful in appearance.

Seventh House

The whole concept of partnerships are very important to you. You feel that you need to be in a relationship, or you will not feel whole. You will adapt, and be flexible in a relationship. You may love the idea of marriage, and could be quick to do so. If you are not careful, this can result in more than one marriage. The social seen is another area that you love. You would rather be with people than be alone, and you make sure that this is the case. Your natural talent for dealing with people attracts people to you, and keeps them there.

Eighth House

You are a very very intense lover. You want total commitment from your partner, and you will break down walls to discover what is on the inside of somebody. Due to the fact that your love power is focused in such an intense emotional house such as this, you may enjoy turbulent ups and downs in a relationship, and get board when it is not there. You have an all consuming love that will try to penetrate the very soul of your lover. Beauty is also found in magic and the spirit world. If other factors in the chart support it, you could become very skilled in the world of magic, and use it as a way to express beauty.

Ninth House

When Venus is in this house, your love power is focused on the world at large. You love to learn about different places, people, and culchers. You also have a love of philosophy and religion. You may fall in love with somebody in a different location that you, and you need to feel like you are learning from your lover. You are very skilled when it comes to bridging the gap between different philosophies or stiles of living. You also love honesty, and will not deal with people who put up appearances.

Tenth House

In this house, marriage can take place between you and your work. You love your career, and you put more energy into that than you do your personal life. You want to be recognized for your skill of creating beauty, and you like to produce things that show off your talented ways to make other people feel good. You could fall in love with the reputation that you have. Your flair comes out when it comes to making business deals or doing something on an administrative level, and you are very clear headed and want the same out of others.

Eleventh House

Friends and friendship are one of the things that you love. You need to know that you have many people in your circle. You are not have unless you know that you have lots of associates. You are a humanitarian, and you need to be part of groups, teams, and causes in order to unlock your love power. Sticking up for the underdog, defending civil rights, and other wise forming coalitions are some of your strong points.

Twelfth House

The world of secrets will show itself in your love powers. You may not be able to show your love to people as much as you want. You may have trust issues, and be overly concern with being open. You may also carry on love affairs in secret. You may also fall in love with people who are unreachable by you. You may also like people who are a little quirky. You love people from all different backgrounds, and you may fall so deep that you become your partner and loose yourself. You have trouble setting clear boundaries. You may also feel that you do not deserve true love. Make sure that you do not punish yourself.

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