Venus transiting Leo: How to Make the lion purrr

Yes, its time for Venus to sit in the Sun.

Venus in Leo is like that obnoxiously flashy friend who’s always the center of attention, but somehow you love them for it. When this transit rolls around, it’s time to grab the spotlight and bask in the glow of your fabulousness. Here’s how to milk it for all it’s worth, and what pitfalls to dodge so you don’t end up looking like a drama queen.

How to Capitalize on Venus in Leo ♀ ♌︎


1. Shine Like the Star You Are

Seriously, if there’s ever a time to be your most extra, it’s now. Wear that sequined dress, dye your hair that ridiculous shade of gold, and post those selfies like you’re auditioning for a reality show. Venus in Leo rewards boldness, so don’t just step into the spotlight – strut.

2. Up Your Romance Game:

Leo loves grand gestures, so forget subtlety. Want to woo someone? Go big or go home. Think roses, think skywriting, think serenades. Yes, it’s over-the-top, but who cares? This is your chance to be the romantic hero(ine) in your own soap opera.

3. Embrace Your Inner Diva:

Leo energy is all about confidence, even if it’s bordering on arrogance. Demand what you’re worth, flaunt your talents, and don’t let anyone dim your shine. If someone tries, just remember: they’re probably just jealous. Your light can highlight others insecurities.

Things to Be Careful Of

1. Don’t Be a Narcissistic Jerk:

Sure, Venus in Leo encourages you to love yourself, but there’s a fine line between confidence and being a self-absorbed twit. Remember, other people exist and occasionally, their opinions matter. Try not to forget that.

2. Avoid Financial Overindulgence:

Venus in Leo can make you feel like royalty, but unless your bank account is on par with an actual monarch’s, rein it in. Spending a fortune to show off might feel good in the moment, but maxing out your credit cards for fleeting glory? Not so smart.

3. Steer Clear of Drama for Drama’s Sake:

Leo loves a good scene, but creating unnecessary drama just to be the center of attention is as tiresome as it sounds. Save the theatrics for when it really matters. Otherwise, you’ll just end up exhausting everyone around you – and probably yourself, too.

Venus in Leo is your cosmic hall pass to be fabulously, unapologetically you. Just keep your ego in check, your wallet in control, and your drama under wraps. Now go out there and sparkle, you magnificent creature. You will want to curl up and give your chart the cat eyes to see how Venus is pleasuring itself in your houses.

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