Ways parents can teach kids how not to be a victim of bullying, Heroic Parenting

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On this interview we speak to CJ Scarlet. She is a danger expert and author, with millitary and Grandmother experience. We talk about the epidemic of bullying in school and online. She gives actionable steps that parents can use to help their kids deal with bullies. We review methods and mind-sets that show kids how not to be a victim.

• What kinds of people pose the greatest danger to our kids? (people they know, other kids)?
• What is the difference between emotional, physical and relational bullying?
• How parents can empower their kids about body safety
• Why it’s important to teach kids about bullying before it happens to them
• The different types of bullying (emotional, physical, relational)
• The 7 different kinds of bullies
• How kids can train bullies to leave them alone
• Instilling confidence and self-esteem in your child

Guest: Author, Danger Expert, CJ Scarlet

• Business Name: Badass Grandma Ventures

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