What are the core numbers in your numerology chart

What are your major numbers! As with all these metaphysical systems, there is always major placements that give you a good insightful feel of what a person is like and some of the themes in their life. Numerology is no diferent. There are five core aspects of a numerology reading. They are the LifePath number, Expression Number, Soul Urge, Number, Personality Number, and Birthdate number.

The Life Path Number

The Life Path Number is calculated by assigning a number value to the birthdate of an individual. The date must be written out in long form using all of the digits, such as 07/09/1970. This number is one of the most commonly requested readings in numerology because it is the fastest and the easiest to perform. This number describes an individual’s journey through life and what that person can hope to accomplish in life. This number shows the main lessons, default tendencies, and experiences that a person will have in their life. While this is one of the most popular readings, it does not comprise a full reading. Actually, even a reading that takes into account all of the five core elements does not entail a full reading.

The Expression Number

The Expression Number, sometimes called the Destiny number, is taken from all of the numbers of the full birth name. It should be noted that this is not a person’s married name or their nickname. This must be the name that the person was born with, including all of the middle names. This number shows how a person expresses themselves while living their lifepath. This number shows talents, temperment, and the way you handel things on the road to being your ideal self. The lifepath is the street, and the expression number is the car. The Life Path is the weather, the expression is how you move through the elements.

Due to the fact that the expression number is how we move through our life, we may at times fall short of this number. This number shows us the bar that we can reach if we are conscious of our energy and make empowered choices. Do not beat yourself up if you feel you have not reached this bar, stay conscious, intentional, and keep going. Remember, this number will express itself no matter what, its just better to be aware of this energy so you can use it wisely.

The Soul Urge Number

The Soul Urge, sometimes called Heart’s Desire Number is attained using the vowels of the full birth name. This number describes the values and ethics of who an individual truly is. This is one of the most spiritual readings that can be performed. It can often be quite revealing because it shows the inner desires of a person.

This number is not evident to other people, its something you feel inside. Its something that you desire deep deep inside. Its possible to achieve this desire, the other placements will tell the story on how easy or challenging it can be to manifest this inner urge.

The Personality Number

The Personality Number is derived using the reduction of the consonants of the full name. This number refers to the hopes and fantasies of a person as well as their secret fears. This number can also be used to reveal how others may view a person the first time they meet them. This is both what others see in your personality and how you may see yourself. Understanding this number will make you even more conscious on what is going on inside you as well as show why people see you as they do.

The Birth Date Number

The Birth Date Number is just what it says. It is the date you were born on. This number shows the secondary lessons that you are to learn. It plays second to the lifepath and shows another layer of experiences and energies that you are driven to express. When the lifepath and birthdate number conflict, there can be inner tention.

Finding your numbers

You can find these and other importent numbers in your chart by going to the Numerology Center and using the calculators. Also, you can do it by hand.

For the life Path, add up all the digits in your birthday. Take each part of your birthday, reduce it, then add it together.

January 1 1990
January =1
1990= 1+9+9+0=19. 1+9=1
Lifepath 3.

For the expression, soul, and personality number, add up all the letters in your birth name. Use the system below if you want to do it yourself. Use the calculator and we will do it for you.

Letters into numbers

A, J, S = 1
B, K, T = 2
C, L, U = 3
D, M, V = 4
E, N, W = 5
F, O, X = 6
G, P, Y = 7
H, Q, Z = 8
I, R = 9

There are other important parts of your number chart. The cycles, pinicals, challenges, are other aspects, to name just a few. Karmic placements, essence maps and other things will provide deeper meaning and precise predictions.

Going deeper

If you want a full reading, including a deeper breakdown of your core numbers as well as other important numbers in your chart, book a reading and we can count up your numbers. The best way to reach your destiny is to become conscious about it. I can help with that!

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