What are the numbers in your everyday life, and how to find them

In numerology, there are many layers to looking at how the numbers affect us each day. We are always under a number’s energy at any given time. In fact, we are under the energy of many numbers at the same time. This is why each of our lives are different an unique to us. We will look at a broad overview of how the numbers effect you each year, and how you interact with the numbers doing everyday things.

Personal year

Every year has a number vibration that comes with it. The vibration can be found by adding up the numbers in the year in question. For example, 2022 is 2+0+2+2=6. 1977 is 1+9+7+7=24. 2+4=6.

By knowing the general vibration, you can get a sense of what the universal energy is. This universal energy will affect you in a general sense.

You are also being more heavily affected by your personal year. To find your personal year, you would take your month and day of birth and add it to the year in question. For example. My month and day is December 11, and I want to find out what energy was affecting me in 2014. Reduce the month to a base digit. December=12. 1+2=3. Add that to the 11 birth date. 11 is a master number, so we leave it alone. 11+3=14. 1+4=5. Then add this 5 to the base number of 2014. 2+0+1+4=7. So then we have 5+7=12. 1+2=3.

Now we know that in 2014, I was in a 3 personal year. 3 is all about personal expression, fun, art and creativity, and in fact, 2014 was a very good and fun year, and also the year that the business you know now as Core Confidence Life was founded. Take the year you want to know, and get the base number, then add your reduced month and day to it and boom!

Personal year meanings

Here is a quick overview on the meaning of each year number. More discussion about it is in the class recording heading in the article.

  • 1. New Beginnings, Start of a cycle, standing on your own.
  • 2. Patients, Partnership, nurturing the seeds of the last year.
  • 3. Fun, Art, Self Expression, Expansion, Mixing with the public.
  • 4. Hard work, Responsibility, discipline, Manifestation, feeling stuck or slow.
  • 5. Change, Variety, Exploration, Setting your own rules, Pleasure, Unexpected things.
  • 6. Home, Family, Work, Loved ones, Close friends, Romance, nurturing.
  • 7. Low key, Inner emotions, Thinking, Connection to self/spirit, introversion.
  • 8. Money, Power, Respect, Work, Discipline, boundaries.
  • 9. Endings, Transitions, Giving, Humanitarian, lessons.

This can also be seen in a personal month or day. For the personal month, add the month in question to your personal year. For example, 2022 is a personal 2 year for me. March 2022 would be a 5 month. 2+March which is 3=5. The personal day is the day in question plus the personal month. March 4, 2022 was a personal 9 day. 4+personal month 5=9. Now, on March 4, 2022, I was in a 2 year, 5 month, and 9 day.

Where do you live?

The numbers show their energy each day, and they also show their energy where you live, what your phone number is, and so on. The base number for where you live is the number of your address. The building or apartment number should be the only things you use. For example, If I live at 123 plexiglass street, I would just use 123. 1+2+3=6. My home vibrates to the 6 energy of home and family. ain’t that nice!

If you live in an apartment, only the apartment is used. If I lived at 123 Plexiglass street Apt 45, then the space that I call home is under the apartment energy. 4+5=9. My home is under the energy of warm welcome and humanitarianism. People will never want to leave!

The street name is not used because that name would give a tone for the street, but not directly the space you live in. The street name, the neighborhood and all other names outside your living space would give the vibrations for that space. For example, Core Confidence Life is based in Harlem. The name Harlem Vibrates to a 3. Fun, lively, expressive and so on.

The same goes for your phone number. The base energy of your number are the types of calls you will get and what kind of conversations you have on that number. . Use the area code and number without the country code.

For example, 415-555-1212 = 4. That line gets calls and has phone conversations about work, methods of solving challenges, and other everyday work and guidance stuff.

Class discussion: Everyday Numbers

I talk more about this topic, take questions and give real live examples of how numbers are with us each and every day. If you would like a consultation so we can look at the energy around you and what is coming for you, lets do it!

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