What’s the difference between pleasure and happiness?

What is the difference between pleasure and happiness? We tend to use these words interchangeably, but they are not the same. While they may feel the same at times, they come from different places.

In the below video, I talk about the difference between the two concepts, and 3 steps to bring you closer to one of them.

Pleasure and Happiness

OK…question, how many of you want to experience pleasure? How many of you want to experience happiness? Often, the words “pleasure” and “happiness” are used interchangeably, but what is the difference?

According to the dictionary, pleasure is defined as a feeling of enjoyment derived from an object of one’s liking. So we see that pleasure is often outside of us, and its often temporary.

Happiness is defined as a feeling of well being, joy and contentment about one’s life. So we see that happiness comes from the inside, and has the potential to be more enduring.

Looking at these two words, we can see that if you focus on only pleasure, you will not fine happiness, but if you focus on happiness, you will fine pleasure.

A pleasure seeking life.

There are plenty of pleasures in life. The simple pleasures like the sun on your skin, a cool breeze and so on. There are also the more engaging pleasures like parties, intimate encounters, vice and so on. We as humans were made to give and receive pleasure, but the exclusive focus on these things will not bring happiness. How can we point ourselves towards the more enduring lifestyle of happiness?

Happiness is an inside job.

1. Realign

Realign yourself to your values and principles. What do you believe? Are you living your values right now? Are the pleasures you are seeking align with your values? Look inside, and give yourself a once over.

2. Put it behind

Put all that negativity behind. All the things people did to you in the past, put it behind. All the people that insulted you, disrespected you, rejected you, its all behind. While we are at it, put that negative talk behind. The voice that says you’re not good enough, the judging voice, the voice that says you don’t measure up.

3. Expand your mind.

Many of us get locked in our head with all kinds of nonproductive circular thinking. Come out of your head. Start doing things in the community. Commit to a cause that is bigger than you. Work for a cause you deeply care about. The idea is to get you to become more of an active director of your life.

Realign, leave behind and expand your mind. These are just a few tips to move toward the ark of happiness that we already have inside us.

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