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One of the key factors in building core self-confidence is to develop new skills. In today’s business world, soft skills are often ranked higher than hard/concrete skills, and skills are just great to have!.

Knowing how to write effectively, read efficiently, and calculate quickly will boost your abilities, help others, gain confidence.

We have a special show for you. We are interviewing Howard Berg, who holds the title of the fastest reader in the world according to The Gennis Book of World Records.

Not only is he the fastest reader, but he is passing on his skills. With Berg Learning, Howard teaches speed reading, writing, how to increase your memory, and more. These courses are great for you, and your kids too!

Boost your Core Confidence to a 10!

Howard is on the show to talk about his rise into speed reader fame, his roots, and how his courses work. He even uses me as a demonstration subject! You will also learn a quick trick to boost your confidence on the spot!

Check out The Berg courses, and use coupon code “coreconfidence 10” for a 10% discount!!

Howard Berg

Fastest reader on the planet according to Guinness Book of World Records

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