7 Simple sales tips to get what you want and create new customers

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On this interview our guest will help you improve your salesmanship! David Cook, a speaker and author shares the seven surefire ways you can use to get what you want in sales and in life. We look at his book, “How to be a great salesperson by Monday morning”, and discuss the main points and highlight of this important publication.

If you hate sales and marketing like I do and you want to relax, and sell without selling, have a good time with prospects, and strike win win scenarios, this show is for you!

  • What is the one thing all people like to hear?
  • How can changing one word make people ready to help you?
  • What is the one thing you can do to put people at ease?

Guest: Speaker, Author, David Cook

Website: WWW.DavidRCook.COM Get the book here!

When you give people what they want, you will get what you want

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