Class, Numerology life phases and stages

In this lesson we will show you how to use numerology to look at your different life stages.

We have life phases, pinnacle and challenge numbers. These numbers will show us the stages, and phases of energy through our life.

Example breakdown

1. The three life phases.

To see your 3 major life phase numbers, do the following….

  • First phase: reduce the month to a single number. EX: December is the 12 th month, so the first phase would be 3.
  • Second Phase: Reduce the birthdate to a single number. EX: 14 = 5.
  • Third phase: Reduce the year of birth to a single number. EX: 1964= 20 = 2.

That gives a 3 first phase, 5 second phase and 2 for the last major phase of your life.

You can listen to this lesson to go deeper into your 3 life phases as well as the descussion on the pinnacle and challenge numbers.

Phases, Pinnacles, and Challenges


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