Meet the man who trained tigers, joined the military, and defeated cancer he never knew he had

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On this show its story time. This is no everyday story. We talk to a man who started out his working career training lions and tigers, from there, he kicked down the doors of the military, and won a battle against cancer that he did not know he was fighting. This man is an example of resilients, service, and core confidence!

On top of that, he is an author and speech writer who worked for the white house until….he didn’t. Join us for this dynamic story of a man who has done it all. Its a story of bites, boot camps, and boner parties!

Guest: Author, Military Veteran, and Speech Writer, Dustin Lawson

Dustin Lawson

Tangling with a tiger, and living to tell about it….Roar!

Dustin Lawson

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