5 Unchangeable Realities of life

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In life, there are many things that come and go, Things that are good and bad, and Things that we cannot change. Sometimes you may feel like nothing is a sure thing.
From how I see it, this is not true. With all the things that go on in life, Out of all the happiness and sadness, great sex and bad breakups, great food and bad service, there are some things that are self evident.

1. You have a right to be here

The fact that you have a right to be here is born out by your birth. The fact that you are alive is evidence that you have a right to it. This is a basic truth that goes for everybody. If you did not have a right to be here, you wouldn’t be. The process of creating life is an amazing miracle. Once that process is over, a new human sets out to claim this right.
Our body, mind and spirit all combined to help maintain this life. This is why the body can heal itself, this is why vital functions like breathing are automatic, and this is why the very earth has natural foods and other substances that maintain and add to our life.

2. Your very presence energizes others making their existence worthwhile

We all feed off of each other’s energy. Your spirit energy influences, as well as gets influenced by others. Other people’s lives are made better by your presents on earth.
Take some time and think about it. Who would be there for your best friend if you were not? Who would come up with the idea you came up with that moved your company forward? Who would that young teen look up to if you were not here? Sure, you might say that if you were not here, somebody else would fill in the gaps, but you do not know that.

Nobody has the particular arrangement of ideas, thoughts and actions as you do. What if there were no Martin Luther King, or an Abe Lincoln.

3. You have a right to be loved and acknowledged

When it comes down to it, we humans are interpersonal beings. We give and receive love. We have a right to be loved, and share our love.
Even as babies, we need love and affection. The lack of it can deeply harm us, leaving big scars. Infants who are touched gently on a regular basis gain weight and grow at better rates than babies who lack this contact. They also spend less time in the hospital after birth and have fewer medical complications in their first year of life. If you are not careful, a baby could die from a lack of love and affection.

4. Others need the lessons that the experiences of your life potentially teach them

We all learn from our life experiences. We also learn from others experiences. Many people need the lessons that your life can teach them, just like you need lessons from others. As individuals, each of us changes the course of history. History would not be history if nobody was here to make it, and where would that leave the future?

Love yourself, accept yourself, be yourself. There is nobody like you, nor should there be. You have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

5. God/The Creater is love

The biggest source of love comes from a higher power. When you have a belief in the higher power, and awareness of the spirit, and your own spirit energy, love can flow freely. When we show love to others, it transforms them into a conductor of that love. Love unifies, love overcomes, and love is within all of us, and is the essence of spirit beings.

Deeper understanding

Spirituality and the creater are not from red states or blue states. Gain a deeper understanding on the spirit world around you.

Gary Zukav’s book, The Seat of the Soul will introduce you to freeing your mind and understanding spirit energy!

Do you remember to take time out to value yourself?