The Dangers of people pleasing, and how to start living from the heart, CCL 5

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Do you have it? You know…it? That people pleasing bug? Well…I have dealt with that as well, and on today’s show, I will talk about how to deal with it, and a possible road to recovery.

Also on the show, I have a good friend and special guest to talk about being a heart […]

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Aligning with masculine energy, improving your sex life, CCL 4

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Are you in touch with your core masculinity? If not, like many men, I am sure you want to be. On the show this week I talk about some quick ways to realign yourself to your masculine energy, and my guest this week specializes in making men better in bed and using their masculine […]

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The power of thoughts, Practicing mindfulness, CCL 3

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What do our thoughts mean? Can we control them? It is said that thoughts determine our actions, and actions determine our life, but how do we maintain thoughts that will push us to success? On today’s Core Confidence Life, I talk about how to handle thoughts, and a guest, who is my cousin, shares […]

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Forgiveness, That other F word, How to do it for yourself and others

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On today’s show, I explore the issue of forgiveness. Are you a forgiving person? How do you handle issues around this major “F” word.

My guest, J.R. Yussuf will join me to talk about his book, The Other F Word.

What The F is the problem?

Guest: Author: J.R. Yussuf

The Other F Word: Forgiveness


J.R. Yussuf is […]

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CCL Episode 1, What is Core Confideence, Millennials and manhood

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Any time is a good time to introduce a new podcast. As you know, I am all about helping you build that core confidence, that belief in yourself so you can be the best speaker and leader you can be. This show gives me a chance to serve you more effectively.

Let the show begin.

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3 C’s to seas your dreams, Manifest your mission

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Who ever we are, and where ever we come from, most of us want to know the answer to one simple question. How do I make a difference? Out of that come questions like…

What are my talents?
How do I use my talents to make that difference?
What is that difference?

Whether you […]

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