Remembering the moment: Construction worker has near death experience that strengthened his faith in God

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On this interview we speak to Charles Gardner. We look at 2 of his books. The first book highlights his near death experience from sepsis, and how that sent him down the road of stronger spirituality. Then, we look at crazy and survival stories from the construction site from his second book. He shares advice and tips to become connected with spirit.

Guest: Author, Charles Gardner

Books: Always Remember This Moment and I Got This

“I Got This!” is a story about a Tennessee boy and his adventures of going out into the world immediately after high school to seek his fame and fortune in the ‘large’ construction industry. There were so many amazing things that happened along the way. To the point where my friends and coworkers implored me to write a book of stories – what a great idea!

This is also a sequel to my first book, “Always Remember This Moment”, which is about a near-final death experience I experienced in 2011. This book goes much deeper and longer, and follows my career once I left home in Tennessee and the many things that happened along the way. Pretty much everything I experienced I saw through the lens of: “Man, the folks back home would not believe this stuff!”

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Use your conection to spirit to move through hard times and shine during good times.

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