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On this interview we talk to Dhaval Kavatra, a 19 year old business man and podcaster. He gives actionable tips for young men that will help kick off the building of their business. We talk about how to find your calling, the first moves to make, what skills to learn, who to turn to, and how to stand out from the noise with your uniqueness.

We also talk about ways to make working from home work for you. As the need to work from home grows, many people are challenged by this new dynamic. Let an introvert help you with that!

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Its never too early to start building your future!!

Guest: Business Podcaster, Dhaval Kavatra

The Gyaan Show on Apple Podcasts

The Gyaan Show — A Podcast by Dhaval Kavatra and Mayur Ravariya. The Gyaan Show is a place where we bring you new podcasts on Business Skills, Financial Strategies, Entrepreneurship and many more aspects related to Business. On The Gyaan Show, you find a mix of Business Knowledge that you can apply in your business. This will help you and your business to expand and grow.

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