A man’s story of wrongful conviction of murder, female violence against men, and how he won appeal and began a new life

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On this interview, we speak to Demetrios Angelis, who was wrongly convicted of murdering his wife in Canada. After spending years in prison (2008-2015) and losing his kids, his conviction was overturned. His book, The Ottawa Way, talks about the trial, and the corruption of the legal system. He shares with us, in lots of detail, his marriage, his wife’s affair, domestic abuse against men, the trial, the reversal, and how his life is now. A long with the book, there is a movie being created about this incredible story. This is part 1 of 2 of the interview.

  • How did he end up marrying her?
  • When did the extra marrital affair start?
  • How did his wife abuse him?
  • How did his wife really die?
  • What did the jury look like?
  • What happend to the kids?
  • How did he get the conviction overturned?

Guest: Author, Demetrios Angelis

Demetrios Angelis Book cover for The Ottawa Way

Is the justice system really just?

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