Breaking the brain’s addiction to political labels and stigmas, Setting yourself free

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On this interview we speak to William Silvaneus. He is an author and speaker specializing in deconstructing labels in politics, and brain chemistry. In our over heated political discussion, we often reduce other people to a label or catigory. This makes it easier to shunn, think negative, or otherwise demonize and reject people who seam to have differences in opinion.

William shows the brain’s reaction to labels and stigma, why the brain gets a pleasure hit from hate, and how we can over ride automatic messages and rehumanize people.

Guest: Author, Change Agent, Consultant, and Speaker, William L. Silvaneus

We live in a world where the habit of labeling people helps us hide from their humanity, their life stories. William Silvaneus’s whole life, whether writing or working with trauma victims and the disenfranchised, has been spent trying to smash labels and free people from the constraints those labels impose whether on an individual or social level. He is now working to rehumanize the negative, dehumanize labels that have created an all-out political war, social breakdown, racial relations, and undermined our businesses, compassion services, and even religions.

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