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How do we develop our values? This process starts from the time we are born and continues through our childhood. On today’s show, I will be talking about the three stages that form our values, and some quick ways we can reform negative prospectives.

Today’s guest will be talking about the education system, and how it can be improved. He is a talented speaker and educator ready to share his thoughts on better education. Check it out!

Values, Restructuring, Education

Stages of life when core values are formed and Cognitive restructuring

Guest, Michael Eagle

A career educator, speaker, entrepreneur, and musician residing in New York City, Michael travels the globe performing in a wide variety of ensembles, instructing musical clinics, and developing educational products for the 21st century learner.

After nearly 2 decades in US public schools and academic, Mr. Eagle left traditional education to create new and innovative ways of learning for all people of all ages.

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