How to own your choices, The art of choosing how to feel

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We have all heard the term “man up”. Even though that phrase can been often used to put somebody down, it can also be used to call you to action, Today, the call to action is to “man up” to yourself.

The power is in your hands, but how do you step into it? Today, we talk about how to own your manly power by owning your choices and deciding how you feel. Your feelings are not you, so you can decide whether to even feel them.

We also have a guest that will talk about his life story, and show us how he owned his life, feelings and choices. You can buy his book below.

“The broken pieces of our lives create the most incredible portrait”. – Rodney Damon Collins

Guest: Actor, Author, Speaker: Rodney Damon Collins

Shattered: A Journey Through the Pieces

  • Instagram: Twitter, Facebook: Rodney Damon Collins

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