When the dust settled, How a man survived child abuse and rebuilt his confidence

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As we have been talking about on the podcast lately, owning yourself is the key to core confident manhood. Owning your choices, and owning your feelings.

Today, we talk about navigating past trama, and how to rebuild your sense of self. Our guest has survived long term child abuse, and he is here to talk about his life journey, his book about his childhood, and how he came out of the other side to own his life rather than let his past define him.

A Rock And A Hard Place

Guest: Speaker, Pastor, Author, Joe Potosi

Joe Potosi

When the Dust Settled By Joe Potosi

When the Dust Settled is the true story of a young child’s struggle to survive in the world, despite enduring many terrible circumstances. When this child
was just three years old, his father abandoned him, his siblings, and his mother.

Over the next fifteen years, this young boy endured physical and
emotional abuse from both of his parents. This boy found himself “between a rock and a hard place” for over a decade of his life.

Despite the evil that was inflicted upon him, this story shows the power of the human spirit and the will to survive, no matter the circumstances. This book also shows the power
of God’s purpose for each life He created, even if you find yourself in between a rock and a hard place.

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