The Moon, Your emotional self

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The moon is our emotional makeup. How we feel, our instinctive reactions to things, and how we deal and feel when it comes to home and family. The moon is reflective and introspective, and it shows the area in which we feel most secure. In the signs, the moon tells how the emotions are expressed, in the houses, you can see the area of life that affects a person the deepest, where they are most secure, and where their heart lays.

The moon rules Cancer, The fourth astrological house, the number 2, and Monday. It rules digestion, lactation, and the mother.


This placement connects your emotions to the fiery ways of Aries. The native can exhibit impulsiveness and inpatients. They want things to happen and happen now. They can get bored easy and need constant movement or action. The need to act on their feelings results in a person who can be short tempered. Plenty of strait forwardness and quick reactions can be seen. Many of them can have a hard time seeing the difference between needs and wants. People with this placement can take things personal and become defensive. Even though they can show boldness and confidence, many of them go through self esteem issues and mood swings. When in that state, you may see them over assert themselves as a way of dealing with it. These people usually are up front people who do not waste their time with games or manipulation. Many of them can have a child like innocence to them.


The moon is exalted. The lunar Taurian enjoys familiarity, home, and comfort. They like material luxuries and will seek to build an environment with such things. Do not try to push these natives into doing anything. They will do things in their own time, but once they make a commitment, they are in it for the long hall. While some people will find the stability right up their alley, others may be put off by the native’s ways of avoiding too much movement and spontaneity. The native may also overlook a person’s need for action or emotional stimulation. People with the moon in this sign can be romantic, and their affections are strong, and deep. They are simple to please, in touch with the five senses, and break ups do not happen often. These natives are always looking out for themselves. Protecting themselves and their interests are one of their top priorities. People may see them as anal, stubborn, or overly conservative, but a lot of that is just the strong resistance to change.


Moon in Gemini people are usually charming, upbeat, witty, and pleasant. Those that are closest to them may find them to be moody and irritable at times. These natives are curious to a fault and are usually well informed. These people can have lots of nervous energy, and that can cause them to read, talk, think, or move a lot. While these natives may dislike housework, they must always be doing something around the house. They can connect to people’s intellectual side as apose to their emotional side. People with complex emotions may not fair well with these moon sign natives. While moon in Gemini people have millions of things going on at once, they can be easily sidetracked by other people’s activities. They love interaction, and they are comfortable in a crowd. Sticking to one thing till completion is hard to do. When problems arise, these natives are amazingly comfortable with talking about their feelings, but they may have a hard time with feeling their own feelings. Since many of them deal with things from a mental level, they may be detached from others, and even themselves.


The moon is dignified. These natives are very in touch with how they feel and are able to connect and understand the feelings of others. Their memory of the past is impeccable, especially when it comes to any emotional attachments. They cling to people they care about, and they love everything familiar and tranquil, and are leery of change. This placement ties the emotions to the family, and the natives may feel an unchangeable obligation to their family, even if it is harmful. These natives dislike superficiality and are very accommodating. When they are feeling insecure, they will take actions that will restore the familiar and peaceful feeling. Due to their hi level of emotions, some may hold on to things long after it is over and become manipulating. They may often feel like people take advantage of them, and some may even enjoy being the victim. Many of them can have a loony sense of humor and are very warm and loving. When they are treated well, they reward you with loyalty, protection, and security, and you will have a friend for life.


Even though Leo is a fire sign, these natives are not always outgoing. Many of them like to be the center of attention at home, and they may be the comedians of the house. In general, this is a highly creative placement, and people close to them may see some musical or other major talent from an early age. Moon Leos may have a need to over see their friends and family, and make sure everything is going right. They generally treat people fairly. Some may come across as a little bossy, and many of them are a little lazy. These are popular people, and many people respect them for their integrity and sense of justice. They usually make very stable and loyal friends. These moon signs like to feel lots of love, and that helps them function. When they feel slighted, they can exhibit dramatic emotions. While some may show their anger in public, others prefer to keep things under control. It is generally easy to talk things out and reason with them.


People with this placement find joy in the little things in life. They may like taking care of everyday details like bill paying, balancing the checkbook, and running errands. They are at their best when they feel like they are serving a purpose. If somebody needs help, they are the first on the seen. This placement ties the emotions to the women around them. They may have an unchangeable and sometimes unexplainable link to their mother or mother figure, and women will play a big roll in their life in general. Virgo moons generally do not need to achieve anything big. They are happy living regular, everyday lives, and do not need allot of prays, in fact, many of them do not take compliments well. Most of their good deeds are done under the radar. They are quite humble people. They need a space of their own so they can do what they want to do. This is a very curious placement. These natives like to observe other people and their sitchuations. Moon in Virgo people can become nags and pick and fuss at small details. They also are subject to become worriers. Some of them can feel overwhelmed when there is too much to do. The attention to detail can make them loose sight of the bigger picture. These people can be very skeptical and upset people by pointing out little practical details or concerns. These people express their affections for people in little but practical ways. They are not the type for gushy emotional displays. These people are very shy with new people, but once you get to know them, they are anything but. Since this is an earth sign, these natives are very body aware, and if this is combined with a low self esteem, it can make for a person who is very self critical. These people are happiest when their life is under control, and they are living quiet lives.


This is the sign of unity, and natives with this placement have a strong desire to spend their lives with somebody. Many of them feel incomplete without some kind of unity with a special person. They can find strength with and through other people. They have a strong need for peace and balance and can sympathize with other people. They have a strong sense of justice and are idealistic. They enjoy being social, and they like a good debate. Anything on a mental plain is good for them. Many of these people are attractive and flirtatious. They are not usually direct, but they win people over with their charming ways. Although these people are very fair and diplomatic with people in general, when they are directly in confrontation with mates or others close to them, they will argue until they feel as if they won. Some may say anything they can just to win. Their need to find balance can cause havoc with the real world.


The moon is in its fall. Natives of this moon seek out emotional intensity. They are able to see through facades and get right down to the core of a person. The emotionally intense, transformative qualities of this placement can result in a few outcomes. Most people with this placement have very intense emotional lives, and they may feel that this intensity is out of their control. Some of these people will find a way of stirring up emotions around them or testing their own strength as a way of satisfying the need for emotional drama. Doing things halfway or having a bunch of meaningless relationships does not do it for them. These natives want all or nothing. Some of these people can be paranoid about betrayal and will seek to test their mates. This is not always conches. Once they are settled in a relationship of any kind, they can be one of the most loyal and protective people around. Many of these people spend time trying to manage their emotions. These natives have an amazing ability to size up a sitchuation or a person quickly, and their intuition helps them know what to do, and it is extremely hard to scare these people off. Those that use their incredible powers for honesty are the happiest.


This moon sign has a deep and strong need for freedom. They are easy going and fun to be around, as long as they do not feel trapped. They love meeting new people and going lots of places. In their home, they love open spaces. They are very cheery, and this could be catchy. They also have a great sense of humor. Many of them are the outdoorsy type, and they are always up for some friendly, lighthearted competition. These natives have a teacher streak, and they are generally extremely helpful. Some of them could be seen as irresponsible. This is due to the fact that they may forget appointments and can be leisurely about doing things. They may also run from routine. They believe that everything will work out, and some of them may not plan for things, they may take the spontaneous road. They do not hold on to heavy emotions, so any temper flair ups will quickly be over.


The moon is in its detriment. These natives need to feel useful and productive. People with this placement usually keep their emotions in check, so they come across as competent people. These natives can have a complex emotional makeup, but despite the turbulence that their emotions may go through, they can keep a cool head. They have dark moods, and can have a somewhat pessimistic outlook, and even a pessimistic, sarcastic, or dry sense of humor. They do not like dramatic, leaky, or messy emotions from others. Due to the earthy quality of this placement, the native will not lash out in anger, instead, they can hold on to things and be calm, but after some time, they will erupt. This placement of the moon is inclined to compartmentalize areas of life. This is due to their need for clear boundaries and guidelines. They are comfortable in sitchuations that are well defined, and they are always thinking about security, and many of them have back up plans in case of an emergency. Their goals tend to be more on the realistic side, and many of them respect authority and tradition, and often admire sertin people or concepts. They value all things tangible. They have a strong need to feel respected, equal, and worthwhile. They are prone to bouts of low self esteem when they have not accomplished some material goal.


These natives are very observant. Their detached nature lets them stand back and look at people. They are usually extremely interested in looking at what people are going through. They can be very sociable, but they have a loner streak, and their detached nature gives them a feeling of being on the outside looking in. They are not usually fearful, jealous, or possessive. This coolness can go so far as to make the native emotionally blocked. They may pride themselves about not being subject to what they think of as base emotions. They have an amazing ability to understand other people’s behavior and motivations but may lose touch with themselves. When they are younger, they may be very willful, or act out, but with age, those traits become more controlled. These natives are very idealistic and progressive in nature and have a strong sense of global humanitarianism. In close relationships, these people may expect people to be as independent and detached as they are. They generally give people lots of personal freedom and enjoy people for who they are. They can be a little unreliable when it comes to others’ emotions or the little things in life, but the fixed quality of this sign exhibits loyalty. Criticism of these natives may trigger their rebellious streak, and they can become quite inflexible.


These natives may often be dreamy, and not in touch with reality. They have an amazing ability to put themselves in anybody’s shoes. This can serve to understand the struggles of other people like no other sign can and gives them compassion and love like no other. If they are not careful, they can lose themselves in other people’s issues. They can have a very silly and sometimes odd sense of humor, and it is not hard to get them laughing. They use their intuition to help guide them in the world. All they need is some space and time to get things together, and they are very well able to take on the world in their unique faction. While it may be easy to tug on the heart strings of these natives, they are able to tell the difference between real issues and manipulative tactics. Many of these people are shy, but all it takes is for that trusted somebody to draw them out. People with this placement have the ability to transcend emotional barriers. Due to their super sensitivity about the world around them, they are able to know what something feels like, even if they have not gone through it themselves. They can use this power for good or bad.

Moon in the houses

1st house

When the moon is here, you can appear to be very shy, soft, or gentle. Your emotions are on display, and you are able to relate to people on an emotional level and can pick up the emotional components in most sitchuations that you find yourself in day to day. You could come off as very pleasant, positive, and kind.

2nd house

In this house, the moon links your heart to the possessions that you have. You could be a collector and enjoy keeping things around that remind you of your past. You may like to pass down family air looms, or other wise keep things in the family. A sense of security is achieved when you have a good amount of money and property.

3rd house

When the moon is in the house of communication, the native will be open with talking about deep feelings and emotions. This will in turn cause others to open. You can make people trust you with your way of understanding and relating to them. You have a way of seeing into a person. Talking about your issues gives you a sense of security. The logical side of your personality is also colored with emotions. You may have a hard time seeing things outside of your own feelings, and it may be uncomfortable to have to change your mind about sertin issues.

4th house

Putting the emotions of the moon in the house of home a family will link you to these issues very strongly. You may be tied to a mother or mother figure. You can simply have a strong attachment to family in general, and have a hard time pulling away. The family determines how you feel about many issues. You will seek security in the home, and with family members.

5th house

Your emotions are tied up in romantic pursuits. In Order to feel secure, you need to have romantic involvements, and know that you are wanted in some way. You like to share feelings and intamit times, and you take these involments very seriously. When you care about somebody, sex is another way that you can express emotions. You are generally emotionally open, and this can lead to trouble is you are not careful. You have attachment to children. Be careful that your need to emotionally indulge yourself does not lead to habit forming or risky behavior.

6th house

In this house, the moon makes you express your emotions in the area of helping people. It is an extraordinarily strong drive, and it can get in the way when you meet people who do not need help. You may want to point out and change things about people’s lives. You feel like you have self worth by committing yourself to public service. Emotions must be expressed in some tangible way. You can also be extremely sensitive about health issues, and that could be a source of wery.

7th house

You may need close relationships with people to feel secure, and so you build up a good network of people that can support you emotionally. You may have a particular attachment to women and be more willing to open to them. You need a partner to feel whole and secure, and if you do not have one, your self esteem could suffer.

8th house

though you may want to be close to people very badly, this placement causes you to have trust issues. You seek to protect your emotions, sometimes to the point where you are cutting yourself off. You love whole heartedly, and you are an all or nothing kind of person. While you have powers of deep intuition, and possible magical potential, you may not know how to tap into these mystical powers.

9th house

This placement gives the moon a restless feel to it. You have an overwhelming feel to want to travel and experience things that you never done before. You may automatically be able to identify with people from different cultures or lifestyles and make them feel comfortable. Gaining knowledge about different places is not enough for you. You want to live it yourself. You prefer to be in an environment that is incredibly open.

10th house

This placement links your emotions to your career. You may feel more connected to things having to do with your career and business in general than things in your personal life. You may instinctively know what the public wants. Your capacity to nurture and care for people is expressed in a professional setting or circumstance.

11th house

You care deeply about the world around you and may seek to join groups and teams to help the public. You feel right at home when part of an organization that reflects your own beliefs. You will build up a network of friends that will care about and emotionally take care of you. You will make friends your family, and you choose friends that closely reflect you. You need to feel wanted by people outside of your physical family.

12th house

The moon in this house causes you to hide your feelings and lock them away. For some reason, you cannot or will not express your emotions to others. At times, you may not be sure of your own feelings. You need solitude to recharge your emotional batteries. You will identify with those who are locked away or at disadvantage and try to reach out to them.

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