What are the 12 astrological houses

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The astrological houses are sections on the horoscope wheel that control different areas of life. There are 12 houses, and each house has control over different sections of life. The houses go counterclockwise on the horoscope wheel. If you can picture a wheel, the first house starts on the left side, and going counterclockwise around the circle you will find that the fourth house is at the base, or bottom of the wheel, the seventh house is on the right side, across from the first, and the tenth house is at the top, opposite the fourth. In the natural zodiac, the first house would start with Aries, and 30 degrees from that would be Taurus on the second, 30 degrees from that would be Gemini on the third, and so on. The first house is called the ascendant or rising and is the most important house on the wheel. Once the ascendant is known, then the other houses can be calculated.

The ascendant is determined by the time and place of a person’s birth. That information, combined with one of the many house systems will give us that person’s individual horoscope wheel. For all example charts, we use the Placidus house system. You can get your free chart at Astro-Chart.COM

The Astrological houses

House 1. The Ascendant or rising

This house controls how you appear to the outside world. It is your mask. It is the face that people see when they first meet you. This house controls some habits that you display to the outer world, and how you deal with people on a superficial level. If your ascendant sign is at odds with your sun sign, people can misunderstand you. The way you come across is not the way you are when people get to know you. It is good to be aware of your ascendant, so you can reduce the amount of possible miscommunication.

House 2, Money and Possessions

This house controls money and possessions. It will show your financial habits such as how you keep and spend money, or even if you care about money at all. It will also indicate the kind of possessions you have, and what kind of possessions you value. It will show the general life stile that you like to live. What makes you feel comfortable and secure? It can also show you how you feel about yourself. Your self worth can be measured here.

House 3, Communication, local travel

This is the house of communication. Thinking, speaking, writing, and all forms of communication. Do you use a lot of words, or not much at all? It also controls transportation and local traveling habits. Siblings, Nabors, and your local environment are run by this house. It also controls early schooling. What kind of student you were and your capacity to learn.

House 4, Home: Pass, Present, Future

This is the house of home and family. It is the first of the 3 mystical houses. This house can show you the different events that will happen in your home through out your life, and how you handle them. Are you a home body, do you change residents a lot, do you have lots of conflicts in the home? This house will also show your attitude about family, and how you handle family sitchuations. Are you distant from your family, do you fight often?

House 5, Creativity, sex, hobbies and kids

This is the house of creativity, physical sex, romantic pursuits, children, hobbies, and games. This house will show how you channel your creative energies, how you spend your free time, and the things that give you pleasure. You can also look at the topic of children in this house. What kind of parent would you be? Do you want children, and what value you place on them? This house also serves as the first of the 2 sex houses. This house deals with sex on a physical level. It looks at sex as a form of recreation. What are some of your sex habits? Do you like to have a lot of sex?

House 6, Health and Public Service

This house is in charge of health and public service. Co workers and how you relate to them can also be seen in this house. You can see the general health and find out what are some of the potential health issues that a person may have. This house will show how a person takes care of themselves, and their general attitude about health and physical fitness. This house also controls public service. How do you serve your community? What causes are you willing to put your time and effort in. You can also see how a person interacts with co-workers as well. Do you get along with co workers, do you stay detached, or is it best that you work alone?

House 7, Partnerships, Relationships and marriage

This house is the house of partnerships and marriage. It is always in the sign that is opposite the ascendant, or first house. In the first house, we dealt with how people see you, but here you can see how a person handles one to one relationships. What kind of people do you attract? How do you handle yourself in a relationship? You can also check out the marriage potential. How likely are you to get married? Do you care about marriage at all? Are one to one relationships and marriages too complex for you to handle?

House 8, Sex, Death, Regeneration

This house controls sex, death, and regeneration. This is the second of the sex houses, and in this house, we look at sex from a spiritual, and emotional standpoint. What are some of your attitudes on sex? Do you feel comfortable with sex? What are some of the moral and spiritual issues that surround sex for you? You can also look at some of the same questions as it relates to death. Are you scared of death? How do you deal with the whole topic of death? Some say you can even get hints about your own death. You can also see your regenerative qualities, and the subconscious affect that you have over other people. Magical powers can also be seen in this house. In addition to this, you can see how you deal with other people’s money, or the ways that money comes to you, but not earned by you, such as inheritances. In the second house, we dealt with material possessions and how you manage your own money. This is the second of the 3 mystical houses, so here; we are dealing with your emotional posetions, and resources that you receive from outside circumstances.

House 9, Higher learning, Religion, Philosophy, Exploration

This house controls long range travel, higher education, and philosophy. The third house controlled your local area, but when you take trips far from home, this house takes over. What are some of your reasons for traveling, how often do you travel, and do you like to travel? The third house controlled early schooling, but once you are out of high school, what will happen next. Do you take the traditional rout? Are you into independent studies? From the topic of higher education, we come across the topic of building your philosophical outlook. In this journey, you will see a person’s attitude towards religion, the occult, and other belief systems. The method in which you communicate these beliefs can be seen here as well.

House 10, Career and public standing

This house is called the midheaven, and controls careers and public standing. This house is at the top of the horoscope wheel and is opposite the fourth house. In the fourth house, we looked at the home and family life, in this house we find out what happened when it is time to leave the house to build that career. How do you make your mark on the world? How will other people see you? What kind of person are you when you are working, and what kind of jobs are you best suited for?

House 11, Friendships, Hopes and Wishes, collective action

This is the house of friendships, hopes, and wishes. This house also controls how you deal with groups, teams, and associations. In the fifth house, we looked at the things that you did to give yourself pleasure, but in this house, we will look at how you interact with friends and social groups. What kind of friends do you have, and what kind of friend are you? Do you partake in your community by joining social groups, and if you do, what kind of groups are they? What is your general attitude on the world, and where would you like to see society go?

House 12, Secrets, subconcious, Self undoing

This is the third of the 3 mystical houses. This house controls secrets, sorrows, psychological issues, and self undoing. In the sixth house, we were able to look at health on a physical level, but in this house, we will see health on a psychological level. What kind of psychological or subconscious issues are you confronting? This house can also show how you become your own worst enemy, and what kind of people or areas serve as secret enemies. This is the house where you hide away from the material world and go into a world of your own. In this world, everything goes your way, but if you are not careful, you can destroy yourself. When trying to bring your utopian world into the real one, complications can arise.

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