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In order to be at the level of health many of us want to be, its importent to pay attention to the three areas of being human. Mind, body, spirit. Health is a holistic approach. Often we lean into one, and short change the others.

On this interview, we talk to Nick Elvery, a Peak Performance Coach. He talks about the interconnection between mind and body. He also covers three super importent activities that will boost your health and fittness like no other. We also talk about getting your mindset in shape. If you want your body to treat you right, you must give your boddy and mind the things it needs to do so.

He also talks about his drug habit, and what he did to break from that, and why he was doing it in the first place.

  • What is a mind body connection?
  • What three everyday things can you do to maintain your physical fitness?
  • How much sleep should a man get?
  • How do you change your self talk?
  • What three principles will help you succeed?
  • Is meat healthy for you?

Guest: Peak Performance Coach, Nick Elvery

If we only deal with part of who we are, then we will get parcial results.


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