Are we born with confidence, and does it even matter?

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At the time of this writing, the solstice has recently past, its winter for half the world and summer for the other half. For those of us in the winter half, the solstice indicated the shortest day of the year. From December forward til June, the days are getting longer.

In yey olden days, this reset was celebrated as the birth of light since the day’s sunlight start to get longer. This rebirth reminds me of the rebirth that we as men go through in our lives, starting from the first birth.

What were we born with?

On a recent interview I was asked are people born with confidence or is that something that can be learned. This is a very common question. I get it a lot, so I just started including this question in my media kit FAQ.

Many people believe that as humans, we are born as a blank slate, just waiting to be painted by the brush strokes of life, but I do not believe that is the full story.

Nature VS Nurture

While its clear that live events play into who we are, I also believe that we are born with our own unique potential. We are spirit/souls having a human experience. The thing that gives our body’s life is our soul. Just like physical traits like eye color, hair, and other features, we also have personality traits and tendencies.

If you have or been around enough babies and kids in general, you know that from a very early age you can see differences in how they behave. Some are quiet, some are more happy, others show curiosity about everything and so on.

So….Are we born with confidence?

Yes, I do believe that we are all born with a certain level of confidence. Some levels are stronger than others. There are people who seem to be naturally confident with little or no kind of work towards it. Still others may be a little more uneasy. Having said that, I do not think it means much.

Confidence, on some level, can be taught or sharpened. Its just like any other potential we have. For example, I have always had an ability to communicate. Just the way my voice is and the way I speak lends itself to public speaking. I also had a real liking towards it. This does not mean that I was perfect at it in the beginning. The ability needed sharpening and training to smooth out the edges, address any insecurities and add knowledge through experience. The same happens when you are building up your confidence.

Sharpen your manly confidence

Confidence is the belief in yourself to do a particular thing, and core confidence is the belief in yourself as a person. Even if you have had low confidence as a kid, you can gain more as you get older and have more experiences, and you can also build it up through direct coaching around mindset and self-concept. Building confidence is not just a bullet point list of physical activities. If you feel you have a weak confidence level, you can, in deed, change that. In our workshops we explore aspects of this confidence process and help you cultivate it.

  • Who are we as men.
  • How do we communicate that confidently
  • How we form and maintain relationships

The question of whether we are born with confidence or not is irrelevant. What matters is what are we doing to better ourselves. If we have a lower level of confidence, do we let that stop us or do we push past those feelings, challenge them and build a new idea of ourselves?

I started out with a low sense of confidence. I was too focused on wanting to be liked, avoiding conflict, and fearing judgement. Staying in the pattern only held me back from using my talents to the fullest. Don’t make the same mistake. Don’t settle for the idea that you are not confident. Thats bull! Inside you, there is a core confident man just waiting to manifest himself in his own unique masculine way.

Keep up with our different workshops and start your journey toward sharpening your man tool of supreme confidence.

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