How to help kids use less technology, and have more time for family connection

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On today’s interview we speak to Kathy Van Benthuysen. She is an elementary school teacher that is concerned about the rise in screen time/tech use by kids. She wants to reduce the tech time and increase quality family time. Her book and course will help kids and adults alike spend less time being programmed by social media and other distractions.

Designed for kids grades 3-8, this is a series of self-guided workshops that one parent and one child go through, exploring the impacts of technology on their lives. Inviting content will make discussions about technology flow easily.

Your child will be engaged in the dynamic, informative material that will have them asking to do more. This will surely have a huge payoff for you and your family.

Guest: Elementary school teacher, Author, Kathy Van Benthuysen

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Life is Now, Claim your joy and live it.

Avoid child depression, anxiety and other issues by putting down the tech.

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