Busting the old myths around Manhood, Masculinity, and Fluid Sexuality

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On this interview, I speak to J Christopher Neal, an Artist, Race Educator, and an advocate for fluid/bisexual men of color. We annalize the concept of manhood, look at the challenges that bisexual black men face in this culture, and discuss the unique challenges faced by men of color in The USA. We break down old stigmas and take a holistic view of sexuality and community.

J Christopher Neal is the founder of Fluid-Bi-Design/Men-Kind, a discussion and support group for bisexual/fluid men of color. He became the first openly fluid/bisexual man to grand marshal at the annual LGBTQ Pride March in New York City. He shares with us his journey and his prospective.

  • What is manhood?
  • What is the difference between manhood and masculinity?
  • li>Why is their a stigma around male bisexuality?

  • Is the term “bisexual” the same as “fluid”?
  • What are some challenges that black men face in society?
  • What are some of the challenges faced by fluid men of color?


What is manhood anyway?


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