How masculine is your birthday

We all come to this life with a unique set of skills and qualities. Numerology shows us what those qualities are. When it comes to manhood, each number has their own way of using the masculine energy source. When we understand, accept, and align with our natural masculine energy, we will be able to attract the things we want to us. A partner will appreciate how natural and genuine we are as men living in our own energy.

Looking at your core life path number will give you deep insight into yourself, and will help align you with the right energy to channel healthy masculinity.

To find your Life Path Number, reduce the numbers in your birthday to single digits, then add them up. Keep adding until you get a single digit or a double number like 11, 22, 33, 44. Those double numbers are master numbers and do not have to be reduced, no matter where you find them in the reduction process.

Example: March 5, 1984.

1984= 1+9+8+4=22.

Life Path=3

Example 2: August 14, 1969

1969=1+9+6+9=25. 2+5=7

LP=8+5+7=20. 2+0=2.
Life Path 2.

Below are the 9 Life Path numbers and how they flex their manhood. For master numbers 11, 22, 33, and 44, look at 2, 4, 6, and 8.

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As a LP1, you are strong, fiery and a go getter. You are at your most masculine when you strike out on your own, start innovative projects, lead others to a worthy cause, and develop your individuality.

You know what you want and are not afraid to go for it. You like to be the dominant one during sex, you like to show your skills and stamina. Others are attracted to your extroverted confident manhood. You like to fuck a lot, and rough sex is right up your bedroom alley.


You are at your most masculine when you are conscious and considerate of others. Blending the masculine energy with a gentle open demeanor. You are able to connect with people on a one-on-one level and make anybody feel comfortable. Your knack of problem solving and bringing people together is attractive.

During sex, you connect to your partner on an emotional level as well as sexually. You are affectionate and will make sure your partner is satisfied, which will, in turn, help satisfy you. You love the kissing, touching, and the bond of body and emotion. You would enjoy a nice slow passion love making session, but you can get rough if that is what your partner wants from time to time.


If you are an LP3, you are at your most masculine when you are creating things, pursuing your talents and confidently expressing yourself. You attract partners by being open, fun, and adventurous.

In the bedroom you love to try new things. You make sex fun with sex games and talk. The lighthearted playful approach makes your partner feel comfortable opening up.


The LP4 masculine energy is at its highest when you are strong, organized and hard working. The 4 man is honest and fair. People like you cause you value stability and loyalty.

You take sex seriously and show passion and stamina. You take your time to get to know a person before sex, and when sex happens, its amazing. Your plain talking steady nature helps people trust you.


The 5 masculinity is super smart, well traveled, and open minded. You stand as a man when you are honest in your communication and flexible in your approach. People like that you have a variety of different interests and things never get boring.

This love of variety extends into the bedroom with exciting sex. You enjoy the ups and downs of passion, roll playing, and other games.


The 6 man is at his best when he is responsible, loving and takes care of his home and family. Because you can be both kind and stable, many people flock to your quiet strength and masculine energy.

In the bedroom, you make sure everything is right. The mode, the lighting, the music, and all the other little things that make up a passionate evening. You love kissing and body contact. As a 6, it can take you some time to fully step into your sex energy with a new partner, but that makes it exciting for the right person.


The LP7 flexes his manhood by being intuitive, intelligent, and original. You like to get to know a person’s mind. That is part of what draws you in. You are able to have deep conversations that most others dare not have, and your deep knowledge about the world draws people in.

This love for intelligence is a turn on in the bedroom as well. The more you love a person’s intelligence, the harder your dick will be. You have lots of vivid fantasies and are open to exploring toys and sex games. Over all, you would love a spiritual connection with your partner, and once you have that, sex gets even better.


If you are an LP8, your manly energy drives you to do big things. You are able to rise through the ranks of your career, make money, and maintain material security. You are a straight talker and your energy is very dominant. You are loyal and tough, and you can make a partner feel safe.

You bring that raw dominant energy to sex. You like rough sex, quickies, passion, spice and some variety. You like a partner that is a little unpredictable.


The masculine 9 thinks of things on a larger scale. You are serving in your masculinity when you help others, use your healing powers, and show kindness. You are charismatic, open and humble. You have high integrity, and a creative spirit.

With sex, you make sure your partner is thoroughly pleasured. Meeting your partner’s needs helps get you off as well. You can be passionate and playful at the same time. You love oral sex, mutual masturbation, some romance and affection. You have a strong sex drive, and may surprise your partner.

This numerology breakdown can also be found in the book, Unshame Your Masculinity. This book is stacked with tips and advice on flexing your natural masculine energy, how to meet partners, and how to develop a healthy sexuality.

To go deeper into who you are as a man and ways you can build confidence, attractiveness and pleasure, set up a time for your numerology reading.

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