Planets and Power Points

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We will look at the planets and what they mean. We will see the pros and cons of each planet. We will look at the places that each planet works best in.
We will look at the sign that the planet rules and its exaltation.

An exaltation is a sign that a planet will work just as good as it would if it were in the sign that it rules. For example, the moon rules Cancer, which means that the person with this placement will be sensitive and moody. They love home and family. They need love and affection. The exaltation for the moon is Taurus. Taurus also wants to be at home. Food and drink are things that it likes. Taurus and Cancer have a lot in common when talking about the emotional make up. Taurus is not as sensitive as cancer, but the moon in either sign will work in a related fashion.

You can think of it like going to a best friend’s house. You will feel just as comfortable as you would in your house. The sign opposite the ruler is called the detriment. The planets natural qualities are contradicted. The sign opposite the exaltation is called the fall. A fall is not as bad as a detriment, but strain on the natural qualities is present. These positions may not mean much for the more distant planets but can mean a lot in personal planet readings.

Planetary Power Points

Below is a chart showing the powerful positions of each planet. First you will see the planet, then you will see the dignification, detriment, exaltation, and fall in that order.

Planet Ruling Sign/Dignification Detriment Exaltation Fall
The sun Leo Aquarius Aries Libra
The moon Cancer Capricorn Taurus Scorpio
Mercury Gemini/Virgo Sagittarius/Pisces Aquarius Leo
Venus Taurus/Libra Scorpio/Aries Pisces Virgo
Mars Aries Libra Capricorn Cancer
Jupiter Sagittarius Gemini Cancer Capricorn
Saturn Capricorn Cancer Libra Aries
Uranus Aquarius Leo Scorpio Taurus
Neptune Pisces Virgo Sagittarius Gemini
Pluto Scorpio Taurus Aries Libra

As you can see in the table, the dignification and the detriment is opposite, and the same for the exaltation and the fall.

There are five placements that are called the personal planets. They are the sun and moon. Mercury, Venus, and Mars are the other ones. They tell the most about a person. The other planets are called the outer planets. They are best read in houses and as aspects to the personal planets.

Sun, Ego

The Sun: The sun is not a planet, it is a luminary. It is refer to as a planet during a reading. The sun is the center of the solar system. In your chart, it is the center of your personality. The sign that we are referred to in every day life is called the sun sign. The daily horoscopes in newspapers are for the sun sign. It is one of the most important placements. The sun gives people a broad idea of a person’s qualities. The other planets and conditions in a chart will influence the sun, but some how that sun will shine through a lot of the time. The sun rules the sign Leo. Just like the sun, the concept of Leo likes everything to revolve around it. The sun’s exaltation is Aries.
If your sun is in Scorpio, you will have some of the basic qualities of Scorpio.

Moon, Emotions

The moon: The moon is not a planet. It is called a luminary. In the reading of a chart, it is referred to as a planet. This is an especially important placement. The moon controls the emotional side of a chart. By looking at the moon and where it is, you can tell whether a person is overly sensitive or has a hot temper. You can tell whether a person can be cold or depressed. Whatever sign the moon is in, it will take on the emotional qualities of that sign. The moon rules the sign Cancer. Cancer is a mothering sign. The moon placement can tell you about their feelings about home and family. Just like any other placement, the moon works best in the sign that it rules. Taurus is the sign that serves as the exaltation.
If your moon was in Leo, you will desire to shine in public. You want to be the center, and if not, you can lose your temper.

Mercury, Communication

Mercury: This planet controls the five sencis and how your brain processes information. By the mercury placement, you can tell whether a person is open minded, and sometimes to what degree. You can also tell how long is takes to process information. Does the person catch on quick, or do they need extra time? Do you need details, or can you deal with broad or vague ideas and concepts? Sometimes how you speak can be read. The signs that this planet rules are Gemini and Virgo. The concept of mercury is openness and wanting to know more. Aquarius is its exaltation.
If your Mercury was in Capricorn, you may take a little longer to analyze things. You can have a one-track mind and it may be hard to change it.

Venus, Love

Venus: This is the planet of love and attraction. The place that this planet is in will tell you what a person is attracted to. What turns a person on? What hind of mate is a person looking for? Venus can also show your capacity for falling in love. Do you fall for some one easy, or are you detached and take a long time to develop love? Venus is one half of your sex planets. It can tell what turns a person on. Venus rules Taurus and Libra. The idea of Venus is beauty, love, and attraction. The exaltation is Pisces.
If your Venus is in Virgo, you may look for some one that comes across as highly intelligent and maybe a little reserved. Relationship difficulties may be present.

Mars, Drive and passion

Mars: This is the planet of drive. The mars placement can tell the jobs, hobbies, and habits of a person. Mars can also tell how a person will treat some one in a relationship. Anything that is visible to the world and anything that the person feels passionate about. Mars is one half of your sex planets. It can tell the sex habits of a person. Does a person have a high sex drive? Is the person dominant? Is the person a cold fish? Mars is the ruler of Aries. The idea of mars is passion, sex, and goals for oneself. The exaltation is Capricorn.
If your Mars is in Leo, you have a nonstop sex drive. You may become an exhibitionist. You may seek a place in the entertainment world. You can shower your mate with gifts if you can.

Jupiter, Luck and Expansion

Jupiter: This planet is all about luck and expanchan. The more it gets the more it wants. Special gifts and luck may be present with this planet. This planet moves forward without restriction. Jupiter does things in a big way. That means good and bad. The influence from this planet can cause hard to break habits. Jupiter moves forward without consideration of small details or structure. Jupiter rules Sagittarius. The idea of Jupiter Is good fortune with a no holds bars attitude. The exaltation is Cancer.
If your Jupiter is in Pisces, you will have great intuition. Psychic powers may be present. You may get into substance abuse.

Saturn, Discipline and lessons

Saturn: This planet is about conservatism and restriction. This planet is here to teach us about structure and self disaplen. Saturn rules Capricorn. Its exaltation is Libra. The sign that Saturn is in will help us grow and take some responsibility. When it is in a sign, it will restrict the qualities of that sign. It might even appear to reverse the qualities of the sign. This is for the purpose of teaching moderation and structure. Saturn moves slow and makes sure that things do not get out of hand. The idea of this planet is growth through experience, and responsibility.
If you have a Saturn in Virgo, you may not be as detailed over things. This is to help avoid rigidity.

Uranus, reform, lightning change

Uranus: This planet is a spontaneous unconventional planet. It wants to stand out. It wants to be free of restrictions. It seeks control over its own life. Uranus rules Aquarius. Its exaltation is Scorpio. Uranus must make some aspects to the closer planets to have an effect. When Uranus is aspected to the closer planets, it will give originality and spontaneity to that planet.

Neptune, Imagination, Spirituality

Neptune: This planet deals with the world of spirits. This is a planet that seeks escape from the real world. This is an extremely sensitive planet. Neptune rules Pisces. When this planet is aspected to the closer planets, it will add intuition and a romantic quality to that planet. This planet can be naive at times, but it has psychic powers.

Pluto, Power, rebirth

Pluto: This planet is an immensely powerful and intense planet. It shows hidden powers and abilities. It can be deceitful and underhanded. Pluto rules Scorpio. When Pluto is aspected to other planets, it presents power issues and altearea motives.

Meaning of aspects

Below are the aspects between planets. Aspects are the number of degrees that two or more planets are away from each other. It can also represent the sun sign compatibility between two peoples sun sign.

0 degrees or +10= conjunction. This can be a good or bad aspect, and it is one of the most powerful aspects in the chart. This usually means that the planets involved are in the same sign, but an adjacent conjunction can also occur. That is when two planets are in neighboring signs but close enough to form a conjunction.

30 degrees or +or-6= semi sextile. This is a mildly good aspect. The two planets usually are in neighboring signs.

60 degrees or +or-5= Sextile. This is a particularly good aspect. This means harmony, but some conflict can come into play. This aspect means that good things will come to those that work at it. The planets are usually two signs apart.

90 degrees +or-9= Square. This is a difficult aspect. Struggle and conflict are sure to arise. Many lessons can be learned by this aspect. The planets are usually three signs apart.

120 degrees +or-9= trine. Freedom and fun is the name of this aspect. This is the easiest aspect to deal with. Any problem can be easily solved or just ignored. To many trines in a chart can cause a person to be lacy. They may have a lot of talent but will not put a lot of effort behind the usage. The planets are usually four signs apart.

150 +or-6= Quincunx. Off balance is the name of this game. This aspect can cause power struggles between people. Good things and spontaneity may come from this aspect. This is not a major aspect, so the results are conditional. The planets are usually five signs apart.

180 degrees or –9= Opposition. This is a lot like a conjunction. It can go ether way, or both ways at the same time. It could be all or nothing. Both good and bad things can come from this aspect, and it might happen at the same time. The planets are usually six signs apart.

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