Basic qualities of the 12 astrological signs

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We will look at the basic keywords and symbols of each astrological sign. From these symbols you can get a good idea of the basic qualities of each sign.


Before we look at the signs, you should know about the elements and qualities.
There are four elements. Here are the elements and what they stand for.

  • Fire: This is a very dominant element. It is drive, Power, Spontaneous, Hot and passionate, Does what ever it wants to. Fire is forever reaching up, Deeply sensitive but does not show it, and Destructive.
  • Earth: It is Strong, Realistic, Nurturing, Enduring, Hard to move and can be cold and insensitive. Earth is can become depressed and lazy. Once it starts something, it can see it through.
  • Air is free. It can be hot or cold or both. It is social, intelligent, detached, unpredictable and can be everywhere at once.
  • Water is sensitive, moody, changeable. Water is very nurturing, mothering, deep and spiritual. It can be cold or hot or both.


The three qualities show how a sign can go about itself. Here are the qualities and what they mean.

  • Cardinal stands for leadership and taking initiative. It does not always finish what it starts.
  • Fixed stands for stability, which also can be stubbornness. It is set in its ways. It can see projects to completion. It is strong and enduring, and can lack emotions.
  • Mutable stands for being adaptable and changeable. This energy reforms, remakes, and presents new ideas.


Each sign is also broken up into three sections. These sections give us an idea of the motivation of each sign. The three sections are Personal, Interpersonal, and Transpersonal. Personal is self, interpersonal is local community, and transpersonal is the community at large or global. Each sign has its own function within one of these three sections. The first 4 are personal, the second 4 are interpersonal, and the last 4 are transpersonal.

  • Aries: Personal gratification through ego and recognition.
  • Taurus: Personal gratification through material security.
  • Gemini: Personal gratification through knowledge and communication.
  • Cancer. Personal gratification through emotion and nurturing.
  • Leo. Interpersonal communication through creativity and management.
  • Virgo: Interpersonal communication through analytical pursuits and public service.
  • Libra: Interpersonal communication through balance and social unity.
  • Scorpio: Interpersonal communication through selfless action and emotional transformation.
  • Sagittarius: Transpersonal manifestation through long range travel and philosophy.
  • Capricorn: Transpersonal manifestation through discipline and public status.
  • Aquarius: Transpersonal manifestation through radical reform and progressive action.
  • Pisces: Transpersonal manifestation through emotional understanding and idealism.

The 12 Signs and basic keywords

The earth takes 365 and one-fourth days to go around the sun. We judge the sign position by our view from earth. The sign that we are generally known by is called the Sun sign. When you read the newspaper horoscopes, they are referring to your sun sign. Each sign is just about a month. There are 12 signs of astrology. Every person is born under one of these 12 signs. The sign that a person is born under can tell you about that person’s character. Below are a list of each sign and all the basic symbols of them.

Aries. March 20 to April 20

Symbol = The Ram. Image = A shooting star. Motivation = Personal. Element = Fire. Quality = Cardinal. Planet = Mars. Energy = Masculine. Key phrase = I Am. Key word = The pioneer. Mind set = Positive.
Basic traits. Head strong. Me first. Hot tempered. Generous. Trusting. Driven. Inpulcive. Has trouble finishing projects. High sex drive.

Taurus. April 20 to May 21

Symbol = The Bull. Image = A copious Garden. Motivation = Personal. Element = Earth. Quality = Fixed. Planet = Venus. Energy = Masculine. Key Phrase = I Have. Key word = The builder.
Mind set = Negative.
Basic Traits. Fixed in ways. Does not like change. Possessive. Materialistic. Kind. Quiet. Can be lazy. Can use people for what it wants. Musical. Home orientated.

Gemini. May 21 to June 21

Symbol = The Twins. Image = The Butterfly. Motivation = Personal. Element = Air. Quality = Mutable. Planet = Mercury. Energy = Masculine & Feminine. Key Phrase = I Think. Key word = The communicator. Mind set = Positive.
Basic traits. Social. Outgoing. Can be two faced. Intellectual. Adaptable. Can be confrontational. May not finish projects. Fickle. Needs veriaity. Multi talented. Analytical. Experimental. Double personality.

Cancer. June 21 to July 23

Symbol = The crab. Image = An oasis. Motivation = Personal. Element = Water. Quality = Cardinal. Key Phrase = I feel. Key Word = The nurturer. Planet = The moon. Energy = Feminine. Mind set = Negative.
Basic traits. Sensitive. Moody. Loving. Crabby. Likes unity. Changeable. Into family. Maternal. Likes food. Can be innocent. Can be cold. Can have deep anger. Refreshing.

Leo. July 23 to Aug. 23

Symbol = The Lion. Image = The Sun. Motivation = Interpersonal. Element = Fire. Quality = Fixed. Planet = The Sun. Key Phrase = I Will. Key Word = The performer. Energy = Masculine. Mind set = Positive.
Basic traits. Hot. Passionate. High pride. Bossy. Fixed in ways. Likes to have the stage. Dramatic. Temper. Trusting. Likes to rome. Loyal friend. Lavish. Open. Needs some privacy. Musical. Sexual. Exhibitionist.

Virgo. Aug. 23 to Sept. 23

Symbol = The Virgin. Image = A many faceted Crystal. Motivation = Interpersonal. Element = Earth. Quality = Mutable. Planet = Mercury. Key Phrase = I Analyze. Key word = The Analytic. Energy = Feminine. Mind set = negative.
Basic Traits. Analytical. Self rightchus. Helpful. Resourceful. Into health. Clean. Sloppy. Organized. Fateful. Can be blunt and cold. Legal. Good intentioned. Can play victim. Good money skills.

Libra. Sept. 23 to Oct. 23

Symbol = the Scales. Image = A Rainbow. Motivation = Interpersonal. Element =Air. Quality = Cardinal. Planet = Venus. Key Phrase = I Balance. Key word = The Diplomat. Energy = Feminine. Mind set = Positive.
Basic Traits. Dramatic. Social. Seeks balance. Leader. Argumentative. Can play victim. Talented. Dominating. Can be naive. Smothering. Fair. Just. Open. Antagonistic. Romantic. Diplomatic. Enterprising. Marriage.

Scorpio. Oct. 23 to Nov. 22

Symbol = The Scorpion. Image = A melting ice crystal. Motivation = Interpersonal. Element = water. Quality = Fixed. Planet = Pluto. Key phrase = I desire. Key word = The healer. Energy = Masculine. Mind set = negative.
Basic Traits. Deep. Sensitive. Fixed in ways. Possessive. Vindictive. Controlling. Giving. Unselfish. Academic. Good money skills. Helpful. Secretive. Can be dominant. Hard worker. Extreme. Sexual energy. Sexual Moodiness. Can be blunt. Driven. Intuitive.

Sagittarius. Nov. 22 to Dec. 21

Symbol = The Archer or centaur. Image = A burning bush. Motivation = Transpersonal. Element = Fire. Quality = Mutable. Planet = Jupiter. Key phrase = I see. Key word = The Explorer. Energy = Masculine. Mind set = positive.
Basic Traits. Lucky. Honest. Experimental. Changeable. Intelligent. Self taught. Blunt. Tactless. Risk taking. Unfaithful. Loyal friend. Social. Deeply sensitive. High self esteem. Optimistic. Multi talented. Dual personality. Hot tempered. Impulsive.

Capricorn. Dec. 21 to Jan. 20

Symbol = The mountain goat. Image = The mountain peek. Motivation = Transpersonal. Element = Earth. Quality = Cardinal. Planet = Saturn. Key phrase = I use. Key word = the Governor. Energy = Masculine. Mind set = Negative.
Basic Traits. Business like. Leader. Depressed. Stubborn. Narrow minded. Selfish. Inner complexes and inhibitions. Cautious. Driven. Traditional. Has disaplin. Tolerant. Enterprising. Strong mind.

Aquarius. Jan. 20 to Feb. 19

Symbol = The water barer. Image = A flash of lightning. Motivation = Transpersonal. Element = Air. Quality = Fixed. Planet = Uranus. Key phrase = I Know. Key word = The reformer. Energy = Masculine. Mind set = positive.
Basic Traits. Fixed in ways. Changeable. Reforming. Friendly. Social. Can be tactless. Honest but secretive. Unique. Unconventional. Contradictory. Off beat. Good sense of humor. Leader. Activist. Can be self centered. Thinks their always right. Detached. Can be cold. Has a need for privacy.

Pisces. Feb. 19 to March 20

Symbol = The fish. Image = The ocean. Motivation = Transpersonal. Element = Water. Quality = Mutable. Planet = Neptune. Key phrase = I believe. Key word = The dreamer. Energy = Feminine. Mind set = negative.
Basic Traits. Unselfish. Super sensitive. Psychic. Giving. Changeable. Imaginative. Deep. Spearitchal. Loner. Sense of humor. Dramatic. Romantic. Hurts the ones that are closest. Unselfish. Can be self involved.

Opposite sign list

As you know, there are 12 signs. Every sign has another sign that is opposite. Below are a list of the signs and their opposites.

  • Aries-Libra
  • Taurus-Scorpio
  • Gemini-Sagittarius
  • Cancer-Capricorn
  • Leo-Aquarius
  • Virgo-Pisces

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